Taylor Starts Foundation In Memory Of Friend

Senior Maci Taylor’s foundation collects and distributes athletic equipment to aspiring athletes


Senior Maci Taylor strives to help others. After the passing of her dear friend Gill Clopton, she knew she had to do something. She decided to create an organization that would help her give back. 

Taylor founded the organization Little Girls Can Dream where people can give old sports equipment to families that may not be able to afford it. 

“Me and my mom came up with the idea to keep spreading what he was trying to tell everyone. That no matter how big or how small, little girls dream too,” Taylor said. 

Clopton made a big impact on Taylor’s life that she will never forget. 

“Gill has inspired me in so many ways. whether that be on the court, off the court, in church. He has always been a great role model to me and has always supported me throughout the time he was in my life no matter which decision I made,” Taylor said.

So far the foundation has encountered only one minor issue that has come about. 

“We haven’t really faced any obstacles besides some of the schools not participating,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s main goal is to make sure that the people on the receiving end of the organization are excited about receiving the sports equipment. 

“I hope that it makes them happy and realize there are still good people out there that just want to help at no cost,” Taylor said. “I felt very appreciative and happy that I had my first pair of volleyball shoes, and I was so excited for the season to start. I hope those kids feel the same way.”

Taylor said one difficulty is making sure that everyone is getting the news so that everyone can help to support the foundation. 

“The teachers and students can talk about it with their classmates and help me promote it on Social Media or all around the school,” Taylor said.

One of the most important things for Taylor is making sure that Gill is never forgotten as well as helping others because that is what he would have done.

“We don’t know how long we are doing the organization yet, but I hope that this reaches people that need it and carries on Gill’s legacy,” Taylor said, “It has felt great to see the bins full of things for girls and boys’ sports and I just know that Gill would be so pleased with this foundation.”

When giving the kids equipment to help them do their favorite activities, their reactions are what is most impactful. 

“Seeing the kids’ faces light up because they just got their first bat or first pair of shoes and it being so genuine is a great feeling.”

When coming up with the foundation, Taylor and her family knew that they did not want the foundation to have any  money involved and knew that there was another way to give back.

“He is the most selfless person I have ever met and would love the idea of helping kids accomplish their dreams at no cost,” Taylor said. “All we plan on getting out of this is giving girls and boys who don’t have any sports gear that can’t afford it that need it.”