Students, too, set resolutions for 2017


Having a New Year’s Resolution is one of the things people focus most on when it comes to ringing in the New Year.

From working on your diet to getting more sleep, people can make resolutions about pretty much anything that they want to change about their lives.

“Honestly, I haven’t thought about it, but probably to get into more good habits like studying, and probably exercising because I watch too much TV, so probably getting out.” senior Alex Perron said.

Some people get excited about getting a fresh start and want to make this year better. Having resolutions and setting goals can make people feel better about themselves.

Senior Salvador Chavero has two goals for 2017.

“To be more patient with people and go to the gym more often,” Chavero said.

Academic related goals were also in the forefront of many students’ minds.

Sophomore Safiyyah Bashiru desires to “pass all my classes” while freshman Talia Jackson wants to, “study more and stop procrastinating.”

Both sophomores Alexandra Flach and Abbi Mayes also mentioned their desires to get better grades, but Flach also noted, “I wish there were more opportunities to get academic help.”

Junior Jennifer Nguyen’s resolution was specific to one of her courses. She wants to, “grow as a person and become a better leader, especially in JROTC.”

Like adults, several students set fitness and health goals for 2017.

Sophomore Jordan Priddy seeks, “to be healthy,” and senior Teegan Kriegar wants to, “finish off my weight loss and grow better relationships with friends.”

Similarly, sophomore Jackson Hackney wants to “eat healthier” while fellow sophomore Kaylee Coolidge hopes to, “work out more.”

Senior Bri Stewart set a simple goal, “To remember to write 2017 on the paper instead of 2016.”

While several students did not have resolutions, senior Jacob Matheney believes that one doesn’t need a calendar change to make a life change.

Matheney said, “If something is important enough to try and change, then you should change it ahead of time.”