WCPSS Performers Flock To Annual Pieces Of Gold Event

This year’s return of Pieces of Gold marked the 24th anniversary of the WCPSS arts event


Delaney Crowder, Staff Reporter

A select group of actors and dancers performed in Pieces of Gold at the Raleigh memorial auditorium March 2. The performance consisted of singing, dancing and acting of high skill.

To prepare for the performance lots of training was required.

“We had a lot of after school rehearsals on Friday and danced when the theater kids wrote their monologues, and we had to choreograph to them,” sophomore Niyah Smith, a dancer in the performance, said.

After hours training it was time for the performance. The team performed and were well loved by the audience.

“Little kids came up and talked to us. It was so cute, and they were so sweet, and they were asking us for all of our autographs and complimenting us,” senior Allison Staples, an actress in the performance said.

Though our team was confident in their performance, other teams did fantastic as well.

“I definitely remember these little kids doing Seasons of Love for Rent. They were very cute, and you can tell that they loved it and were just trying their best. I can see their improvement from the dress rehearsal to the performance,” junior Ellie Manfreda, an actress said.

In the end, all the teams performed and were brought together for their love of theatre. These performers have been singing, acting and dancing all their life. Senior Brandon Leach, a performer in Pieces of Gold, has been interested for a long time.

“Just watching TV and seeing all the shows and movies, I was like, I want to do that,” Leach said.