Entrepreneur Josh Rutland Launches Rutty Athletics


Ella Bowman and Bella Madariaga

During Covid-19 Josh Rutland, a senior, started a business. Having this dream since 8th grade, he was able to make it a reality when school was virtual. 

“I’ve always wanted to start a business,” Rutland said. “I really like clothing and designs and stuff like that, so I always wanted to make my own cool stuff to sell to people so they can wear it.”

Because of his love of style and clothing, the creation process began. 

“The biggest struggle for me when starting a business was coming up with a name for it, and so my friend was like, ‘Just name it Rutty,’” Rutland said. “Some people call me that, so I was just like, ‘Alright why not?’”

The first step to launching his business was financing it. 

“I started working a ton and saved up a bunch of money so that I could put money into it and buy a bunch of products to sell,” Rutland said. 

In order to bring his products and business to life, he took a step further and went out of the country to find vendors. He is currently in search of manufacturers to supply for his created designs. 

In fact, the most difficult part of supplying was finding vendors. 

“Just trying to find suppliers that I could put money into and make a good profit back to keep investing in it,” Rutland said. 

The first thing Rutland sold was his first edition lanyards. 

“They actually sold out. I also did pretty good on my Christmas crewnecks. I got almost 50 sales on those,” Rutland said. 

From the beginning, his friends have been his biggest supporters as he grows his business. 

On March 4, the “Rutty” website launched with new items going up for sale. Rutland shares some of the new releases and future plans. 

“A lot of clothing items, but I’m also trying to do water bottles right now, and I want to do skate decks and little stuffed animal keychains—like little plush keychains to put on your backpack,” Rutland said. 

To Rutland, his biggest achievements have been getting his brand out there. 

“I think just getting to the point where I can just start it and get a decent amount of people who want it, because it gets me more support, and it helps me keep wanting to get more designs,” Rutland said.

As his business grows he is keeping his eyes on the future. 

“Just to keep growing it and get some good money and make it fun and creative, and get more products,” Rutland said.