Development In Wake Forest Spurs Concern


Lauren Keith and Laney Newnam

Wake Forest? More like Wake No-More-Forest. Over the last couple of years Wake Forest residents have seen major changes to the town, such as new buildings, apartments and roads. While some people encourage these developments and their contribution to the growth of our town, others are critical of the new traffic and the incoming residents.

“I would honestly say I am indifferent. I think it’s good for the economy and all, for the area for people to move in,” junior Max Westfall said.”But I can understand why people would be upset by all the construction.”

Most of the criticisms have come from people who have lived in Wake Forest for most of their lives and aren’t used to the construction.

“I’ve seen so many trees fall and new buildings come up,” junior Tanner Germann said. “I don’t like that Wake Forest is turning into Raleigh because it is ruining the small town feel we once had here.”

This “small town feel” is loved by many and supported by all of the trees Wake Forest has.

“I’m not happy with all these trees getting chopped down because I think preserving the forest part of Wake Forest is important to our community’s development,” junior Sydney Harmon said.

While some prefer Wake Forest as a small town, others are glad that the new construction is expanding the town and see the growth as a positive.

“I’m for it. I think it could really make Wake Forest a bigger city. We could really expand with more people coming over here. A lot of new buildings and a lot of new people are coming in, so I think you kind of need those buildings, and they do good for the community,” junior Andrew Brower said.

Along with the new construction, Wake Forest has also seen a lot of new residents in recent years who also have opinions about the fast growth.

“I moved here recently so the growth hasn’t affected me as much as others, but it is still upsetting to see what has changed in the short time I have been here. As of right now I am against the new developments,” senior Hannah Christensen said.

Others are choosing to see the positives in this change.

“I think it’s good for the economy because it’s bringing in money and jobs,” senior Cameron Roberson said, “but I don’t think it’s good for the people that lived here before because it’s going to get crowded.”