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The fair fares fairly well with students

Suzanne Blake, Editor-in-Chief

October 28, 2016

Filed under Student Life

What do a barbecue sundae, fried jello and alligator have in common? All three were devoured by students at the North Carolina State Fair. The NC State Fair arrives each year with additional unique food fare, rides, exhibits...

Students pass bill at Youth and Government

Dylan Chain and Jack Spreen

April 12, 2016

Filed under Student Life

Senior President, Leslie Blalock and junior Vice President, Jules Micchia led Youth and Government (YAG) students through a conference at the Raleigh Convention Center Feb. 11-14. At Youth and Government, students draft bills...

Dance team to perform in prestigious show

Austin Lee, Assistant Online Editor

February 11, 2016

Filed under Student Life

Pieces of Gold is a performance for over 1,000 Wake County students who sing, dance and show off many other talents. This year, the dance company has been selected to perform in the event. The company will perform “Looking...

Junior Nick Fekaris places second in the world in online French competition

Samantha Bennett, Photography Editor

January 21, 2016

Filed under Student Life

Recently, all the French classes participated in an online challenge offered on ThisIsLanguage.com. All students participating played a game called Nutty Tilez. The Goal of this game is-- through typing, repetition, and memorization--that...

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