For Teens, After School Jobs Aren’t All Drudgery

We asked teens to share what they like about their after school gigs


Image By Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Teens get jobs for a number of reasons, whether to make extra money or to meet new people. Teens we interviewed have a variety of jobs that help them gain work experience and financial independence.

There are a wide array of different workplaces where students are employed.   

Sophomore Caitlyn Britt works for Money Down Football and is the owner of on Instagram. She is a rising photographer who takes pictures of sports games and teams around the area.  

What Britt enjoys the most is “the benefits of meeting new people.”

Jobs involving cars seem to be popular for teens.

Senior Lars Uhland works at Avis.

“I clean rental cars. The most likable thing about my job is I get to drive different types of cars and get a different feel, so like Dodge Chargers, Dodge Challengers, pickup trucks, minivans and sedans,” Uhland said. 

Some even combine cars and photography.

“I help detail cars, and make social media posts for my brother’s company. I’ve worked for him for a little over a year. I like editing the photos,” senior Gyasi Spruill said

Customer interactions and sweet moments are what make one teen’s job worthwhile.

Senior Garrett Ecton loves his job at Cold Stone Creamery. 

“I’ve been working there for about nine months. Maybe like twice a week, maybe like once a week, I’ll come in for a closing shift. The customer interaction is probably what I like most. It’s really funny when the kids come in, and they’ll order a cotton candy ice cream or something, and when you give it to them, their eyes are wide, and they’ll watch you put a bunch of mixes in it and stuff. That’s really funny, and making the ice cream is fun, too because you put it on the stone and everything,” Ecton said.

Not everyone likes their job, however.

“My after school job is working at Kohl’s. I’m not going to lie. I cannot think of a single good reason to work there. I genuinely pray that no one else works there. I’ve worked there for a year,” senior Carson Townsend said. 

Some students work at their favorite local restaurants.

Senior Finley Coleman is a hostess at Over the Falls.

“I like the people there. They are really nice, and meeting all the regulars that come in because they’re super sweet,” Coleman said.