Commercials Put The Super In The Super Bowl

Staff and students share their favorites and rank this year’s batch of big game commercials


The Super Bowl is one of America’s biggest and most revered television events of the year. Even with all the anticipation for the game itself, there is often more excitement for the commercials and movie trailers. 

Now, these are no ordinary commercials: these are messages of corporate propaganda fueled by movie-level budgets. 

As with all things it either hits or doesn’t, and staff and students gave their ratings on this year’s menagerie of Super Bowl commercials. 

“Six out of ten: they were fine but nothing special,” senior Jeffery Kinstle said.

This year’s commercials just didn’t hit the mark as they have in past Super Bowls. 

“Not as good, probably like a five or six out of ten,” CTE teacher Logan Blankenship said.

While some felt this year’s commercials just weren’t Super Bowl quality, others differed.

“They were better quality than the years before and more creative,” senior Autumn Lee said.

Over the years commercials have either rooted themselves or flown over the minds of viewers. Staff and students told us which ones stuck with them this year.

“Oh, the Tubi one where they tricked everyone into thinking they closed out of the game. My family was going crazy,” sophomore Cooper Baynes said.

Baynes wasn’t the only one to like the mind-warping Tubi commercial. So did senior Morgan Wachstetter.

“I actually freaked out. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was the best,” Wachstetter said.

English Teacher Trevor Kitchen went much more in-depth when it came to describing his favorite commercial from this year.

“There was one I remember saying ‘oh that was pretty clever’. In one of them, they had all the rabbits taking people–like kidnapping people–and it’s because they were sending them down the rabbit hole of all the information. The whole commercial, I was like ‘why are all these evil-looking rabbits kidnapping people, and it made me think of Donnie Darko. Great movie, you’ve never seen it,” Kitchen said. “Anyways, that one was interesting because I didn’t know what was going on. At the end–when they were throwing them down the rabbit hole–-it made me think a little. I liked that.” 

A few of the commercials also stuck out thanks to the celebrities or characters featured in them. The strike of nostalgia never misses when it comes to commercial cameos.

“I liked the PopCorners commercial with Walter White and Jesse from Breaking Bad,” senior Noah Dudley said.

Some enjoyed commercials simply based on the comedic appeal like science teacher Sneha Patel. 

“I really liked the binkie dad commercial, just because I thought it was funny that he was racing back to get the binkie, and then it wasn’t even the right binkie,” Patel said.