Whats Number One On Your Holiday Gift Wishlist?

What’s Number One On Your Holiday Gift Wishlist?

From new kicks to nicer siblings and Mariah Carey, Cougars share their holiday hopes

What is number one on your holiday gift wishlist?

A: Jeremy Parrott, 11: “Money to spend on my girlfriend.”

A: Brady Schwier, 12: “I’d have to say some new shoes. I have been wearing these beaters for far too long now. They are starting to fall apart now. If anyone listening to this, please get me new shoes.”

A: Briley McFarlane, 9: “I want my brothers to actually be nice to me this Christmas.”

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A: Jackson Briley, 12: “I want Mariah Carey under my Christmas tree.”

A: Ella Schwalbach, 12: “A lift for my Taco truck.”

A: Kirkland Day, 9: “To get passing grades.”

A: Alejandro Garcia, 10: “A Nintendo Switch because I want to play with my family.”

A: Jacob Johnson, 12: “Probably got to be some cologne, you know. I love to smell good, just a wide variety of smells to have.”

A: Ethan Langley, 12: “A stuffed capybara because I like to have a lot of stuffed animals in my car.”

A: Ian Bailey, 12: “Some new shoes are my number one on my wish list this year, specifically Nike Dunks.”



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