Students Jumpstart Inconceivable! The Podcast

Senior Camden Harvey and junior Rachel Koschatzky create a podcast discussing teen life


When we reach our senior year of high school, many people develop a condition known as senioritis, or they start a podcast.

For senior Camden Harvey and junior Rachel Koschatzky, their podcast, Inconceivable! The Podcast, and yes that’s a Princess Bride reference, represents much more than a time to talk.

While discussing hard hitting topics such as Disney crushes, time management and high school relationships, Harvey and Koschatzky are captivating their audiences.

In only a month, Inconceivable! The Podcast has gathered a large group of listeners.

“So far, as of today, we’ve had 272 plays on all of our episodes combined, and we have an audience size of 40, and so with the software that we use, as soon as we get to, like, 50 plays, which we already have, you’re allowed to create ads for monetary value,” Koschatzky said.

The creation of their podcast came from a real life situation and real life advice.

“My friend and I, Rachel, were just texting one night about, like, different ideas that we had about relationships and independence, kind of based off this one guy who was going through some tough things, and what we would want to say to him if we had the guts to do that,” Harvey said. “She eventually was like, ‘Camden we should start a podcast and actually talk about this stuff,’ because we were, I mean, like texting paragraphs, like here’s our thoughts, here’s this. We were like, ‘let’s just have a platform that we can talk about it.’”

Koschatzky offered a similar story.

“We were like ‘you know what, some of this advice is actually pretty solid advice,’ so we were like ‘what if we just started a podcast?’ then we did,” Koschatzky said.

Finding time, as two teenagers, to record these episodes has proven difficult as homework and jobs get in the way.

“Oh, it’s so hectic. A lot of times, we have to film like either really late at night or really early in the morning when we have days off. So, it’s kind of just a battle to figure out when we both have free time,” Koschatzky said.

Both Harvey and Koschatzky find this outlet to be inspiring, which helps them continue recording.

“What motivates me to continue to create is just the fact that it might be helping people. Like, we originally started this to kind of just tell people what we were thinking, and hopefully we might be able to help them, but from the feedback that we’ve gotten so far, I feel like it is helping some people, and so that’s kind of the main reason that we still want to keep going forward with it,” Koschatzky said.

Aside from being a co-creator of Inconceivable! The Podcast, Harvey is also part of a cover band, called Hanging Gardens, which also motivates him to continue to create.

“Because I love doing it. I love playing guitar in the band and just being a part of the instruments and everything coming together with the podcast. I mean I’m talking about stuff I care a lot about and have a lot of thoughts on. So, if I believe that I’ve been given gifts and talents, and wisdom, then I should use that for good, and do something with that, so I enjoy using these things,” Harvey said.

Not only are Harvey and Koschatzky using their platform to help those who may be struggling and in search of advice, but they are also using it to help grow their knowledge of entrepreneurship.

“I think it’s really cool as a teenager to be involved in this entrepreneurial kind of thing, as someone who wants to go into business, to just have the experience now, and learning a lot of things about how to create and how to brand yourself, not with fire, and it’s just a cool thing to just break the usual routine of you know, I’m going to school, I’m going to work, or whatever. Now I have a creative outlet and a business, or a brand that I’m creating and working with,” Harvey said.

Similarly, Koschatzky believes this to be a good entrepreneurship opportunity and will help her when she goes to college, as she plans to study international business.

Along with learning how to market themselves, and their business, Harvey and Koschatzky both have more aspirations for their podcast.

“With the podcast specifically, I mean, I just want to create a loyal group of listeners, which I think we have right now, and just be a couple of people they know they can listen to, and be genuine with,” Harvey said. “People that are offering just our thoughts, not like you have to follow our advice or whatever, but just to kind of listen in to your peers, talking about these things that I’m sure we think about every week.”

Koschatzky said she also wants a consistent audience for their podcast.

What originally started as a hobby, now has plans to continue, even after its founders are in college.

“The podcast will definitely happen. Rachel and I have a plan, even when I’m in college, for how we’re going to record and make that happen,” Harvey said.

This podcast is special to both of its members because of their friendship and how well they work together.

“It’s been really beneficial. We’ve been friends for a while. I was friends with his sister before I was friends with him, but the fact that we know each other so well, and if we’re like, ‘oh hey we have a problem with this’ it’s, like, okay let’s just text through it, work it out, figure it out,” Koschatzky said.

Harvey greatly appreciates his friends and credits Rachel as being, “a lot of fun to work with, and she’s really easy to work with, with how good she is about editing and staying on task about things, and we schedule stuff well together, so yeah, it’s good to have these social outlets, but then also be doing something that feels really productive and beneficial.”

Once Harvey turns 18, he and Koschatzky plan to monetize their podcast to get some extra money for college and to also put it back into what they have created.

If you are interested in listening to the topics discussed by Harvey and Koschatzky, you can find their podcast on many platforms.

“We create the podcast on a platform called Anchor, which works with Spotify, but we also have it on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts. We have them pretty much anywhere,” Harvey said.