Thank goodness winter is over…

The long-awaited final season of HBO’s series premieres April 14. In the meantime, teachers and students alike offer predictions for who will sit on the Iron Throne.


Noah Pittarelli, Editor-In-Chief

As the Night King prepares for an invasion of Westeros, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen look for ways by which to defeat his army of the dead.

After almost two years, HBO prepares to unveil the final season of Game of Thrones, and many viewers have began to speculate who may truly end up on the Iron Throne.

With many of the fan favorite characters in mind, Civics and AP Government and Politics teacher Jeremiah Mattingly favors two of the longest lasting characters in the show to sit on the Iron Throne.

“I think it will be Khaleesi and Jon Snow together as a couple, and that they will have baby dragons and dominate everything,” Mattingly said.

With one pick in mind, sophomore Julia Conn votes in the ‘Mother of Dragons’ alone to be her top choice.

“I think that the Dragon Queen is way too popular and crucial to the show to be killed off, so my guess is that she will end up on the Iron Throne,” Conn said.

Senior Daivi Harris assesses another family line will be the victor, due to the motives that this character possesses.

“I want to say Arya because she is the strongest Stark in the family, and she has been through more than anyone else in the family. She’s making a comeback because she is trying to get her revenge,” Harris said.

In the realms of Wake Forest, many people show their support towards Jon Snow for his experiences throughout the previous seven seasons of the show.

“Jon Snow because he’s my favorite. He started from the bottom and now he’s well respected. Jon is also trying to take back Winterfell after what the Lannisters did to their home,” senior Gaberial Littleton said. “Another reason why is that Jon is talking to Daenerys to help with the white walker problem and to take back the throne.”

It is evident that many of the ladies around the lands of the school fancy Jon Snow, especially Calandra Blount, history teacher.

“I think Jon Snow is going to survive season eight because he is gorgeous, for one, and I think that Khaleesi is going to die for him,” Blount said.

Of course, some don’t see such a glorious fate for the beloved Stark and Targaryen houses.

Junior Hunter Dayon said, “I think it’s going to be the Night King because it’ll be too hard for everyone to come together well enough to kill him.”