Spirits Of WF Proved To Be Just The Right Treat

Downtown event blends history and spooky tales.


Isabella Madariaga, Veteran Reporter

This month the Town of Wake Forest introduced a new interactive event for this year’s Halloween season.

During the inaugural “Spirits of Wake Forest”  ghost walk,  patrons were accompanied by two to three other families. Although tickets for 2020 are sold out, the tour is definitely worth adding to your 2021 Halloween to do list. 

During my tour masks were required for safety purposes; however, since guests were outside everyone was well spread out.

During the tour guests were accompanied by a cast of storytellers who guided us through the streets of the historic downtown area while dressed in outfits of the past. We were able to learn about more than 100 years of Wake Forest’s history and some spooky stories along the way about mysterious missing corpses, married murderesses, tragic train wrecks and some haunted buildings occupied by the businesses on White Street.

The tour began and ended at the Town Hall on Brooks street where patrons got to know the cast before the tour began. 

I went to the ghost walk with a couple of friends and family earlier this month, on one of the first weekends of the tour. There were only two other families, and everyone followed the Covid-19 rules really well. I never felt like it was unsanitary, especially because it was outside.

The cast and the storytellers were very friendly and did a really good job guiding us through the town while still maintaining social distancing. It was a really interesting tour as well, and there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about Wake Forest that I got to learn that day.

The tour is family-friendly as well, and I think that people of all ages would be interested in the spooky stories that this tour has to offer. And because this tour is interactive, you can ask questions and even share your own spooky stories about the town. 

The conditions the day my group went were great. The weather was wonderful, and towards the evening there wasn’t too much traffic, so walking around was easy. The Wake Forest Downtown District at night is gorgeous with a good mix of eerie at the same time. During the Halloween season, a lot of the store fronts decorate for the occasion, and a lot of the historic houses around it go all out with decorations. So while you are listening to the spooky stories, you can admire the ghostly side of downtown Wake Forest at night. 

This tour is a great pick for anyone of any age who wants to enjoy the cool autumn air while learning about some of Wake Forest’s mysterious tales. The storytellers are fantastic and so is the scenery of the downtown.

This is definitely one of my new favorite things to do during the fall season, and I certainly recommend this to anyone who wants something new to do during the fall!