Panic Point Doesn’t Disappoint

Even with Covid-19 safety protocols, the frights and sights are better in 2020

Screenshot of Panic Point’s website:

Sydney Howard, Social Media Editor

I honestly don’t know what’s scarier, the Global Pandemic or Wake Forest’s iconic haunted attraction, Panic Point. 

With ghouls and goblins at every turn, as well as many safety procedures and precautions, Panic Point 2020 was the opposite of a let down and is for sure a “must see” during Halloween time.

Panic Point is a haunted attraction located in Youngsville. Their attractions are located among several spooky trails in the woods, as well as creepy corn mazes for fright seekers to dare to walk through. They have terrifying themed rooms, wherein many actors are dressed up as characters from famous horror movies. 

If not already scary enough, their hours are only at night so that patrons get the full ominous experience. With themed rooms and talented actors, there’s no doubt on why Panic Point is deemed to be “NC’s #1 Haunted Forest.”  

However, with the unfortunate outbreak of Covid-19, many people have been skeptical whether Panic Point has quite hit the mark this year and are curious to what has changed to try to fight off the spread of the disease.

Rest assured, Panic doesn’t disappoint.  Included with this year’s admission, guests are guaranteed access to four “haunted” trails for the price of $30. In years past, patrons could do a combination of different trails for different prices. 

In efforts to stop the spread, Panic Point has handled health guidelines very well. They are requiring their staff and actors, as well as all of the guests, to wear a mask at all times. They even have extra staff this year to make sure people are socially distancing themselves in line and on the trails themselves. Also, added to the entrance of each trail and throughout the attraction are sanitizing stations.  

This year’s haunt has probably been the scariest one yet. In years past, not every actor was in full costume or makeup.  There were also fewer actors on each trail.  However, this year, to enhance the ambience, there were an abundance of fully dressed actors who really embodied their character and made it a realistic event. They also had more props throughout the trails and the two corn mazes.  It was nice to see a change in the scenery from year’s past.  These fresh changes all around helped improve the experience.

Panic point 2020 was by far the best year yet, even with the few, but necessary, adjustments. The staff  tried to make the attraction the best they could, and I could really tell that they cared a lot about the safety of their customers. If you’re looking for something to do on a weekend night and love to be scared, Panic Point is the place for you!

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