Semester’s End Means End Of High School For Some

A cohort of students opt to graduate early


Image from Victoria Loveland from Pixabay

In the upcoming weeks, select students will fast forward their high school experience and graduate early.

The reasons for concluding their high school experience a semester early differ.  

“I had the credit to graduate early and didn’t want to stay another semester,” senior Patrick Levy said.

While making this decision, many students have had their future in mind and are eager to get started.

“I’m going to enroll in Wake Tech and start the spring semester immediately,” senior Alanys Muniz Diaz said.

However, others want to jump start careers and goals. For example, senior Tiergan Campbell plans to become an electrician, possibly enlist in the marines and buy a thousand acres of land.

Many students are making this decision to save time and money in college. 

“It helps get me the college credit hours, so that I will be able to get through university faster,” senior Whitney Carpenter said.

Even though students are able to start their lives, they are missing out on the traditional, four year high school experience.

“Well, I’ll be missing graduation itself and the senior picnic and everything and all of my friends are here,” senior Justin Guardino said.

Many students wouldn’t be who they are and be able to make the decision to graduate early without the guidance of others around them.

“I would say Mrs. Crouse and Ms. Barnes. They always encourage me in my low days, and they push me to be the best that I can be,” senior Laila Mckoy said.