Chromebooks And Laptops Usher In Pros and Cons

After a half semester of using their devices everyday in class, students share how their learning has been affected


Kelcey Kelling, Reporter

Over the last year schools have provided chromebooks for each student that needs one. This caused many mixed reactions from students and teachers.

Many students feel adapting to working with chromebooks and laptops during class has come with many pros and cons. 

“Pros are it’s easier to stay organized, you can keep all your assignments in one place and work on them anytime you have your Chromebooks, and I feel some things are easier to type,” junior Shelley Roper said. “Cons are I memorize information better by writing it, it’s difficult to be creative on assignments online, teachers give less instruction and more independent work, you can easily get headaches from constant screen use, and creative work is much harder to do online.” 

The media got rid of some computers  due to students having their own chromebooks. 

“I think this was a great idea because the computers took up a lot of space, and they were older and slow, but now everyone has their own, so everything can be saved on their personal device,” junior Layne Neudecker said. 

Some feel that writing with a pencil and paper is better for them than completing their work on the chromebook.

“I like written assignments better because I can focus on my work better, and I can’t copy and paste things. I retain the information better.” senior Caroline Massey said. 

Other students feel it is better for them to use chromebooks for completing assignments and getting work done. However, there are some difficulties that go along with using chromebooks.

“In my opinion it is easier to work in Chromebooks. The main problem is that you are always linked to the Wifi. The wifi is not very good. Also, it is more harmful for our eyes. I used to carry my chromebook all the time, but I decided to bring my own laptop because it was really hard on my eyes. Now I bring my own laptop,” foreign exchange student and junior Vlad Pavelenko said. “Where I came from, Ukraine, we did not use laptops all the time, so it was hard to get used to. Sometimes it is easier to work with Chromebooks, but in some cases it is easier to just write something and not use chromebooks. It depends on the subject.”

Many students feel that chromebooks have made it easier to keep up with assignments. 

“I am more organized with my chromebook because everything is in one place, which is much easier than having multiple folders and binders, which you can lose,” junior Drew Kramer said.