Students share their advice with underclassmen


Maggie Smart, Staff Reporter

Transitioning into the chaotic world of high school can seem daunting to new freshmen. However, our upperclassmen stepped in and offered some advice to this year’s new high schoolers.

Junior Rileigh Silber gives her suggestions on how to make freshman year fun.

“I’d say not to take it for granted. Freshman year is the easiest by far,” Silber said. “Keep an agenda or some form of a list of all assignments due and upcoming events. It’s important to have fun and go to sports games and participate in clubs. That’s what made my year so much fun.”

Another junior, Cameron Garcia, believes freshman year is an important year in regards to school work and grades.

“I would tell them to pay attention in all their classes and work hard because even though they think that it doesn’t matter, freshman year matters,” Garcia said.

In addition to focusing on grades, junior Haley Lowery gives advice on the social aspect of high school.

“School isn’t the only thing. I would say go out and make friends, go to football games and get involved with clubs to put yourself out there.”
Not only is it important for freshmen to socialize among their peers, junior Geigh Neill believes it’s also beneficial to put themselves out there during class.

“The advice I would give to freshmen would be to not procrastinate and use your voice during class. Make sure you get your name out to teachers and students and make bonds,” Neill said.

Sophomore Michael Comstock advocates staying true to who they are.

“The advice I’d give to freshmen is to always be themselves,” Comstock said. “Don’t fall into peer pressure just because you can’t find a lot of people like you. You’ll get through it by staying true to who you are and making sure you’re mentally strong. Once you’re mentally strong, you can get through anything freshman year throws at you.”