Meet Kyana Ayscue


Ayscue created this sculpture for a project on metaphors. The sculpture represents technology controlling the minds’ of society.

Hannah Kinstle, Staff Reporter

Aspiring to one day be a game designer, senior Kyana Ayscue draws the world through her eyes.

Ayscue grew an interest for art as a child. She has always been drawn to art.

“I’ve been drawing since I’ve been holding a pencil, so probably kindergarden,” Ayscue said. Focusing mainly on drawing cartoons, Ayscue wants to pursue a future as an artist.

“I’ll be able to use art in my career because I want to either be a game designer or do animation,” Ayscue said.

Art teacher Elizabeth Huffman, who has Ayscue in her sculpture and ceramics class, believes she has a lot of talent.

“She’s an amazing artist whose sculpture is always thought provoking as well as beautifully constructed,” Huffman said.

Ayscue has an eye for art. She can easily imagine an image in her head then translate it onto paper.

“My visualization process is very strong because I can see something before I draw it,” Ayscue said.

Huffman feels Ayscue’s work is exceptional.

“She used a metaphor to create a small piece in the display cabinet that is especially wonderful.” Huffman said.

Throughout the making of her tree made out of a hand, she ran into a few problems.

“The fingers kept falling apart and they wouldn’t stay up. I had to use another tool to keep the fingers from falling,” Ayscue said.

While Ayscue has her strong points, she also struggles with one aspect of drawing figures.

“Drawing people is the hardest thing ever, especially if its anatomy related,” Ayscue said.

Huffman can see a bright future for Ayscue in art.

Huffman said, “Kyana works very hard, and I am certain she will be very successful if she chooses to pursue art as a career.”