The fair fares fairly well with students

Suzanne Blake, Editor-in-Chief

What do a barbecue sundae, fried jello and alligator have in common? All three were devoured by students at the North Carolina State Fair.

The NC State Fair arrives each year with additional unique food fare, rides, exhibits and much more for the local area.

Senior Drew Lyon attends the days-long event annually.

“You can’t beat fair food,” Lyon said.

While the food might have captured the attention of many student fair-goers, including senior Samantha Hostetler, who consumed a barbecue sundae, hot dog with chilli, deep fried oreos, curly fries and four water bottles, the ferris wheel also stole the show.

“I like to look at all the many people. We normally go at sunset and just look at all the people,” Hostetler said.

Sophomore Tara Wadford found the ferris wheel enjoyable as well.

“I liked the view with the lights because I went at night,” Wadford said.

Many found excitement in other rides.

Senior Forrest Lee said his favorite of the 10 rides he participated in was “the big swings because they were live.”

Sophomore Katelyn Simkins was most impressed with the ski lift, which glides over the entire fair.

“It was just long, and I’m afraid of heights, so that wasn’t that bad,” Simkins said compared to other rides.

With a variety of snacks and thrills to take part in, amounts of $20 to $150 were spent per student toward the fair.

Hostetler spent $70 for herself, but the total cost for her family added up to around $300. Beginning when Hostetler was 6, it became custom to attend the fair each year. However, with habits come occasional new experiences for taste-testers.

“It’s something new I tried. I never tried it before, and it’s something I always wanted to,” Hostetler said of her new favorite fair treat, fried oreos.

For other students, the high cost prevents a tradition from being established.

“I don’t go annually. I’m broke,” senior April Antiguez said.

Funds depleted aside, various students have embraced the fair as one of their fall-time essentials, an occasion that keeps them coming back each year.

“It is a tradition for me, and it is wrong not to go,” Lee said.

From traditions emerge memories, and for Simkins at least, the fair experience continues to offer more.

Simkins said, “It’s just really fun. There’s always something new for me to do and new people for me to meet.”