JROTC student wins award

Weaver was honored with a $1,000 scholarship from the NRA.

Isabel Jones, Assistant Editor

Junior Anna Weaver was among 45 sophomores and juniors in the country to be selected to attend the NRA’s Youth Education Summit conference June 23-29 2014.

Weaver already won a $1,000 scholarship from the NRA Y.E.S. program  and has earned the opportunity to compete for a $30,000 scholarship when she attends the summit.

According to the NRA website “the summit encourages young adults to become active and knowledgeable U.S. citizens by learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the federal government, and the importance of being active in civic affairs.”

During the summit Weaver will compete against other students in competitive debates, will hear from guest speakers, will tour important national landmarks and meet with national leaders.

According to the NRA website, “since the program’s inception in 1996, more than 700 students have graduated from Y.E.S. and over $400,000 in scholarships has been awarded.”

Weaver had to complete an application, a three-page essay on the Second Amendment, a one-page personal statement and three letters of recommendation.