Soccer Starts Season Undefeated

Through five games, the team is 4-0-1 after a winless first five in 2022


The girls’ soccer team has started off the season 4-0-1. They have done some things differently this year.

“They started out by creating good chemistry and having the mentality that they want to win,” coach Rick Pittarelli said. 

Compared to the start of last year, the girls have improved.

“Last year about this time, we hadn’t won a game, but right now we are 4-0-1,” Pittarelli said.

Camaraderie and chemistry account for the difference in Pittarelli’s estimation.

“Night and day: this year has been so much more efficient. The girls are playing together much better,” Pittarelli said. 

The girls are confident with having zero losses, but must maintain non-cocky attitudes. 

“It’s nice to have in our back pocket, but we have to remain focused and keep pushing ourselves to improve,” Pittarelli said. 

With the winning streak going on,the girls and coach are confident they can keep winning.

Coach Pittarelli believes they can get “at least 7” wins without losing.