Day Named Scholar Athlete


Lauren Keith, Senior Reporter

Vance Day was recently named Scholar Athlete of the Week by the television station CW22 My WRDC. This honor is awarded to athletes who manage to keep high grades throughout their high school career. 

As a member of the varsity football team, Day has also managed to maintain a 4.13 grade point average.

“Football has helped me with time discipline a lot,” Day said. “When I get home, I know I have to do my homework right away because I have to get a lot of sleep.” 

Balancing schoolwork and a sport can be challenging for some athletes. On top of all of this, Day has also managed to contribute efforts in other aspects of his life.

“I like to help the community out, and I do a lot of it through church,” Day said. “I do a lot of yard work and different things around town through my church.”

At just 17 years old, Day balances football, community service and schoolwork, but at the conclusion of this season, Day will ponder what is next.

Day said, “I’m probably not going to play football in college, so there’s not really a football career in my path.”