Cougars celebrate the holidays

Jenna D'Aleo & Riley Larch, Reporters

All over the world, there are many holiday traditions. Here at our school, we found students who celebrate the holidays in different and fun ways.

Senior Alivia Gibbons and sophomore Samantha Kabakibi celebrate their Christmas in a not-so-fashionable way.

“We dress up in ugly sweaters and take an ugly Christmas sweater photo,” Gibbons said.

“We have this tradition where we all have to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and whoever has the ugliest wins a prize,” said Kabakibi.

Similar to Gibbons and Kabakibi, junior Avery McCamy celebrates Christmas in a decorative way as well.

“Growing up, every year we play “the ornament game,” where my family and I all have to guess the ornament someone else is thinking,” McCamy said.

Some students have multiple traditions, like junior Jade Roberson and freshman Sophie Close.

“Every Christmas we go to Khanki for lunch, and then we go to my grandma’s house for dinner. On Christmas eve, we always open one present before we go to bed,” Roberson said.

“My favorite tradition is when my family and I go up to Michigan with the rest of our family,” Close said. “We sing songs with our musical talents and have fun with giving gifts and reading the Christmas Story.”

Freshman Carolyn Kuga heats up the chilly weather with her annual Christmas traditions.

“My favorite holiday traditions are having a fire on Christmas Eve and roasting marshmallows,” Kuga said.

Like Kuga, junior Miranda Tiffany brings some light and comfort to her own and others’ holidays.

“On Christmas Eve, everyone from my father’s side of the family goes to my grandma’s house, and we bond as a family. Once it’s dark, we light candles and place them around my grandma’s neighborhood,” Tiffany said.

Some families prefer to sit back and relax during the holidays, like junior Baylee Brock.

“With my family, it is a tradition that we always watch “Elf” and Christmas Hallmark movies together as we decorate the house,” Brock said.

Opposite of Brock’s Family, sophomore Maquel Haywood’s family chooses to stay active during the holiday season.

“My mom’s side of the family goes to the mud castle, which is an indoor gym, and we eat. We have a really good time, and after we always have a basketball tournament at the end,” Haywood said.

To close out the holidays, freshman Megan Wimmer ends with a tasty treat.

“My favorite holiday tradition is that on New Year’s Eve, we have fondue, and it’s yummy. We’ve done it for probably five years, so it’s meaningful to us,” Wimmer said.