Kim’s art captivates

Senior Anna Kim poses with her metamorphosis project. In this project, she had to combine an organic object (a flower) with an inorganic object (a castle). The picture showed the transformation of how a flower became a castle through five stages.

Anna Thomas, Staff Reporter

Anna Kim is a senior who uses nature to create practicality in her artwork. She never fails to use her mother’s expertise and mastery in order to strengthen her pieces and technicality.

Kim’s interest for the arts didn’t come from her environmental surroundings and inspirations around her, but from the contemplation of her future.

“I’ve always loved art, but I began studying it maybe around August, the start of this year,” Kim said. “Mainly, I was trying to decide my major in college, and I realized that I was interested in other studies, but I decided against those because I’d rather do art instead.”

Though the future is untold, for Kim, her as-yet-undecided profession is up to wherever her studies will lead her.

“I’m not sure what I want to do yet, so when I go to art school, I’m just going to study fine arts because that’s a general major, and after that, I guess I’ll just find whatever I’ll choose,” Kim said.

As a rising artist, painting has changed the way Kim views her surroundings.

“Being an artist makes you look at everything in a different view. You think of how they’re unique and how to express them in your paintings,” Kim said.

Teens embrace online culture, and Kim is not different. She uses her artwork to create a more aesthetic and trendy page on her own social media account.

“I post my art on my Instagram account, so I guess it could make your feed look more harmonious and more colorful,” Kim said.

Kim’s instructor and art mentor, Carley White, is someone who praises and understands the integration of her work and her ability to modify herself to any canvas and medium as a positive.

“One of her strengths is that she adapts to styles very well in her artwork and that can be difficult to do,” White said. “A lot of artists can be strong in their own specific styles and struggle in other styles, but any style that she is presented with and any medium that she’s presented with, she adapts very quickly and presents successful artwork.”

Although White believes that Kim can adapt very well to challenges that meet her, she describes her student as being self-directed, detailed oriented, imaginative, creative and focused. These attributes can be viewed as being either positive or negative when it comes to finishing her pieces.

“Anna takes a lot of time on her work, and I guess you could view that as a weakness as it requires long of amounts of time to get projects complete; however, I feel like part of that is her really focused attention to detail and the results are always beautiful, so it seems to be worth the long process to get that project completed,” White said.

Inspiration may come from the thankfulness of the life around others, but for Kim, her inspiration comes from a lack of thankfulness of the life around her.

“I guess I’m inspired by nature and things that I don’t really appreciate as much,” Kim said.

Kim’s mother has an educational expertise of the arts and never fails to help her daughter through any adversity she may face when she’s stuck from ideas to technique. Through everything, her mother is her biggest supporter.

“She is an art major and she gives me advice on how I should get back my difficulties with my drawing and helps me whenever I don’t know a certain technique,” Kim said.

Achievement and triumph can be a big part of why people choose to take the path that they create. Apart of that can be satisfaction and being able to do what one feels passion for.

Kim said, “For me, success means that I can get to do what I love after I graduate college and I get to continue it.”