Freshmen react to their first day of school

Now that freshmen have been official Cougars for a month, the Forest Fire staff looks back on their initial reactions to WF life.

Charlie Byrd, Staff Reporter

The night before your first day of high school is probably one of the most agonizing times to most freshmen.

Ysobel Cathcart was asked if there were any pre-conceived notions before coming into high school.

“Yeah, I heard about freshman pranks, and I was nervous about those coming into my first day,” Cathcart said.

Which, obviously, pranks on freshmen are not real things and violate WCPSS guidelines against bullying, but first night jitters and worries are common for incoming freshmen.

Cathcart described her other feelings the night before her first day.

“I was nervous and anxious, but excited at the same time”

Crowded hallways have always been a problem and many freshmen cited the traffic as a difference between middle and high school.

Lindsay Rifenburg was asked what the biggest difference was between her old school and WF.

“A lot more people in the halls and that doesn’t help because I’m really short,” Rifenburg said.

Coming in to high school one’s expectations may not prove to be the reality.

“I thought the classrooms would be a lot bigger but everything is really small”, Dylan Haston said.

Classes also are a significant shift for students, with classes in middle school only being 45 minutes classes in high school are 90 minutes.

Julie Baker didn’t mind the new length.

“They are longer, but they don’t feel as long as they did in middle school. So they are more enjoyable in that way,” Baker said.

Mason Jones was asked what the biggest transition was for him.

“The school, because of how big it is. My middle school was only one floor and an organized hallway for my grade, and this school is four floors, so it’s a big adjustment.”

Freshmen students have had trouble in past years making their way around the school. With the addition of the new freshman center, the administration hoped staying in one locale for most of the day would help a lot with freshmen finding their way and keeping everything in one general area.

And of course, there’s the food.

Taliyah Mitchell reflected on one change she’d like to see.

Mitchell said, “I would change the pizza because I am already tired of eating it every day.”