WF Graduate Named New Assistant Principal


Katie Hottell, News and Lifestyle Editor

This school year, the Cougar family is happy to welcome the new assistant principal Demarcus Jones. Starting his position, Jones is excited to introduce himself to students and staff and share his goals for the year.

Interestingly enough, Jones himself used to roam the same halls he will now patrol. He graduated from WFHS in 1990. 

His roots go deeper than just himself being a graduate. 

“I enjoy going to see my son play football at NC State and just keeping up with my children. My daughter graduated from NC State as well,” Jones said. “They both graduated from Wake Forest, too.”

Jones’s path to education featured several occupations that prepared him for academic leadership.

“I own my own trucking business, but when I left here in 1990, I went straight into the Navy. I was in the United States Navy for four years. When I got out I did a little bit of law enforcement for detention and prison systems,” Jones said. “I worked in those areas, and then I worked for the city of Raleigh for a while in my trade occupation, which coincided with what I taught as an automotive teacher, and it kinda got my foot into education. Even though I took the long route, I was always headed towards education.”

Another factor that has impacted Jones’s desire to go into education was his wife. 

“I’ve been married to my wife for 26 years. She’s been a teacher here in Wake County for about 28 years, and she’s in year 30 for education,” Jones said. “She’s 28 years in Wake County, 30 years in education, and she’s kinda inspired me.”

Jones started out in education as an automotive teacher at Enloe using his experience from his trucking business.

“When I first started, I was more focused on my trade, or my occupation, which was an automotive teacher,” Jones said.

Some of his prior roles leave Jones finding it very easy to adjust to his new position here.

“I was an assistant principal at Franklinton Middle School,” Jones said. “Then I went with Wake County for the past 19 years at Enloe as a career development coordinator and as an automotive teacher.”

He has high expectations for his new position this year and he hopes that he can make a positive difference in the lives of students and staff. 

“For me as a leader, I want to grow, and I want to support everyone,” Jones said. “One of the biggest goals is to make teachers feel empowered to do their job and to support them in every way possible. “

Jones is very happy with his position, but he may take on even higher positions in the future if the opportunity is presented. 

“I’m in a doctorate program now at Gardner-Webb, so I’m studying to get my educational doctorate degree from Gardner-Webb,” Jones said. “And whatever it allows me to do, if I become a principal one day that’s all good, but right now I’m good. I’m enjoying being an assistant principal, and I’m right here at home, so there’s no rush. I’m not comparing myself to anybody or trying to compete with anybody. I’m good. I’m actually happy doing what I’m doing now.”