Theater Students Advance To State Competition

Theater Students Advance To State Competition

The troupe’s reinvention of Romeo and Juliet earns top honors

The story of classic star-crossed lovers became transformed into a modern-day art affair. 

Our theater program competed at regionals Oct. 28 with a recreation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 

Judges awarded the play with the highest Distinguished Play award, which allows the students to compete at the State Finals Nov. 17-18. The performance also received Excellence in Choreography, Design and Production and Outstanding Ensemble Acting. 

In addition six individual awards were given out as well. 

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The traditional story is a typical political affair between the Montagues and the Capulets. Our interpretation is between the left and right brain. The action demonstrated the difference in creation and representation within the human brain.

The Capulets represented the left side of the brain: logical and critical thinking. The Montagues honored the right: creative and intuitive thinking. 

Our theater department created the set, wrote the script and performed it within a 45-minute window.

“It was very hectic because I’ve never done it,”  junior Samantha Crowder said. “It was one of the most involved shows. There were a lot of scene transitions.”

Our tech crew built a moving set that they believed to have been their outstanding feature. 

“Other schools’ sets were less involved. Some schools barely had a set at all,” Crowder said. “One show had flats on wheels which they had to rotate, which was impressive, but they were only four pieces.”

With such intricate pieces in a short and rushed time frame, the actors had a few things to learn. 

“You had to be a lot more aware of where you were on the stage so you didn’t get hit by the set and die,” senior Hadley Ayers said. 

As our crew heads to compete statewide this weekend, hopes are high. 

“We hold a lot of potential. Last year was the first year we’ve ever made it to the states,” junior Carmen York said. 

However, no matter where our school places, we aren’t stopped altogether. 

“Everyone has limitless potential, but we are hoping to win states,” Ayers said. 

The following individuals earned awards at the competition:

  • Excellence in Scene Change Artistry–Bhumika Dutt
  • Excellence in Marketing–Karina Patel and Carmen York
  • Excellence in Acting–Hadley Ayers
  • Excellence in Directing–Kristin Rendina 


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