Students recommend elective courses to their peers


Students gather for a picture in Bettina Pope’s Honor’s African American Literature class.

As students register for their 2018-19 classes, former students share their favorite electives and how those classes benefitted them.

Junior Bethany Harper has found art to be her favorite class and elective.

“I just started it and I really enjoy it. People should take this elective because you are able to express yourself,” Harper said.

Junior Lydia Close has gained a lot of knowledge and grown to be a better person from taking chorus as an elective.

“I strongly recommend chorus as an elective because for anyone who loves to sing, it builds character and a good work ethic. It’s also a great way to make friends and enjoy singing with a close community. After five semesters of taking chorus, I have been forever changed in both my ability, skills, confidence, and love of music,” Close said.

Another person who has been positively changed by an elective in the arts category is sophomore Noelle Sylvia.

“I would recommend theatre class. Theatre class is so much fun. We play games, learn techniques and are taught how to incorporate skills into everyday. Everyone becomes really close. The more we are taught and act together, the more we grow as actors and people. Through the years I have been in theatre, my love for it has grown and I have grown as a person,” said Sylvia.

Junior Sarah Bryant recommend taking creative writing to boost self esteem and to create strong relationships with peers.

“It’s a great course to take once you’re able to. It helps build confidence because you share your journals that you write on the daily. You make friends that very well may last you the entirety of your high school career. Mr. Cook is an amazing teacher and guy, and it’s such a huge stress reliever to have if you have a super packed schedule,” Bryant said.

Junior Alex Prahongchanh encourages taking a physically active class to help students stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I think that students should take a physical class, like weight training, because there’s a high percentage of the population that are overweight. I think it would bring those numbers down. My favorite take away from this course was being active and playing fun sports,” Prahongchanh said.

Junior Jordan Smallwood suggests students to take African American Literature.

“Taking African American Literature has so far been the best experience of my high school career. The class changed my perspective on life, history, people and the future. As theatrical as it sounds, this class truly helped make me who I am today. Having Ms. Pope as a teacher was an amazing bonus,” Smallwood said.

Overall, all of the students agree that elective courses are important and could potentially change their lives.