WF graduation rate rises

91.1 percent rate is higher than Heritage and Wakefield

Jamie Calnan, co editor in chief

One of our faculty’s primary objectives is getting every student to graduate on time. And last year, we brought ourselves one step closer to that goal.

Last year the graduation rate climbed to 91.1 percent, placing our school above Heritage (90 percent) and Wakefield (88.8 percent).

“Personally, this is gratification for all the work that the staff and the students did throughout the school year. It was a goal at the beginning of the year to raise our graduation rate, and it took a lot of work from everybody,” Principal Patti Hamler said.

Hamler explained the steps needed to achieve the increase.

“Building relationships with the students, finding alternative ways to get the students to do what needs to be done, putting in extra time, having crucial conversations with students and staff and at all times, keeping an eye on the fact that we are building the future.”

While WF exceeded its area rivals, it also out paced other WCPSS schools.

Sanderson finished with a graduation rate of 81.4, Enloe with 81.6, Knightdale with 88.8 and Middle Creek with 89.1.

Although, other WCPSS schools topped WF, giving the teachers and administration a target to strive for.

Green Hope, Panther Creek, and Wake Early College all ended with a graduation rate above 95 percent,

Hamler has a plan to keep our numbers rising.

“We are going to continue to do what we’ve done in the past year. Hopefully, the Freshman Academy will assist in getting the students on the right track their first year here so that we won’t have so much to do at the end,” Hamler said.

Hamler credited many stakeholders with the school’s success.

Hamler said, “The Wake Forest staff community, everybody working together. It took everybody to get us to where we are.”