Administration creates academy for freshmen


Rachel Lyon, co editor in chief

For this year’s freshmen, transitioning into high school meant being situated in their own wing of the building.

The designated center for the freshmen allows for their core classes to be in one collective area. Ninth graders venture out into the remote halls solely for elective classes, as well as health classes.

Principal Patti Hamler says that the purpose of the academy is to “set the tone, to set the expectations, to build relationships with the students, and to let them feel like they are a part of what we do here at Wake Forest High School.”

Having received freshmen from several different middle schools, Hamler believes the center has a positive effect.

“As they go along, when they move into the tenth grade, they will have already built relationships among themselves and consider themselves a family,” Hamler said.

On the other end, the narrowed proximity of the teachers is believed to be an aid in the situation.

Freshman Ava Pelillo appreciates the closer geography.

“Well, I moved here from Texas, so this is a huge school compared to my last one, so having everything in one area is probably nice for that,” Pelillo said.

Parker Wooten also finds the new layout easier to navigate.

“It helps me a lot. The stairs are nicer there, and I feel like the move faster in the stairways.”

Assistant Principal and Ninth Grade Administrator Andrew Markoch feels as though the collaborative team of teachers allows for them to answer several questions.

“What students do we need to keep a thumb on, who do we maybe need to be giving a little extra attention to, academically,” as well as “Who might be falling behind that we can catch early,” Markoch said.