Two Musicians Advance To States In All-District Band

Harry Kanterman and Gianna Baker are among fifty out of 1000 auditions are selected to advance


If you stick to it enough, hard work can pay off to reach your goal. Two band students have done the work and stayed focused on their music to have the opportunity to audition for the All-District Band. 

Fifty out of 1000 students who auditioned from Wake, Durham and Johnston county are selected to be in the honors band. They have been given a piece of music for the audition and will perform that in front of the judges.

Freshman Harry Kanterman plays the snare drum and has been in band since fourth grade but has been playing since he was 4 years old. He is eligible to audition for the all-state honors band in March. 

“My audition was in the top two percussionists out of everyone that auditioned. The top two got the invitation to go to all states, and the top four made it to all districts,” Kanterman said.

Junior Gianna Baker plays the flute and has been in band for seven years.

“I became eligible for all-state by making all-district and getting within the top 4 chairs,” Baker said.

Preparing for an audition like this requires a lot of time and dedication. These students have been preparing for this critical time.

“I just have to keep with it and not forget the piece and keep practicing daily,” Kanterman said.

Even though it can be nerve-racking, there is still a lot of excitement to be given the opportunity to audition.

“It is very rare for freshmen to be able to go to All-District, and it is a big achievement. I am looking forward to trying out and being around people that do the same thing,” Kanterman said.