Local Construction Firm Hosts Students

Steel working, welding, concrete cutting, landscaping and plumbing were a few of the trades showcased


Jordyn Gerdes, Senior Reporter

The  construction class  took a memorable field trip to Bobbit Construction in Raleigh Sept. 27. They learned about the various aspects of construction.  

Senior Cole Fortin described his experience.

“ There were different stations of different trades: they had masonry, they had steel workers, welders, concrete cutters, landscapers and plumbing. We just got to do some hands-on stuff, and basically all of them except the welding because it’s too dangerous. It was a good experience. I liked it. It kind of gave me an insight into the world of different trades,”  Fortin said. 

The experience helped Fortin to see that he has options for life after high school. 

“I realized you can make a lot of money doing a whole lot of different things. You don’t have to go to college and get $80,000 in student debt. If you’re into that, it’s probably a good financial choice.”  

Fortin said that he is unsure if he wants to go into the trades as his career. 

“I think it’s just always a good plan to have as something to fall back on, and if I get the experience and I like it, who knows? Maybe I can change that in the future. I just think just an overall good thing to have in your back pocket.”

Zane Styers, the construction class teacher hoped the real-world demonstrations would build his students’ knowledge. 

Besides just observing the different types of trades, students also got busy themselves.. 

“The students received hands-on experiences at each station and learned some foundational knowledge regarding each trade.  The most advantageous part of these types of trips is the hands-on experiences.  The students retain information more and start becoming more aware of which trades they are more inclined to pursue.”

This field trip seemed to open many student’s eyes that they have many options available for what they want to do in the future.  

“Probably, that I have a lot of options. I thought I was really limited and really close minded,” senior Brice Hawks said

Students also could talk personally to workers about their experiences to give them more insight.

“I was talking to a CAT dealer out there. I was talking to him about community college in South Carolina to work on caterpillar equipment,” Hawks said. 

Students also got to do some diverse and cool tasks..

“I got to do the airlift. That was a very good experience. And I got to lay bricks,” sophomore Kyia Ariyo Carlton said. 

She explained what the airlift is.

“It’s kinda like a crane, but it’s mostly a station where you pull yourself towards the thing that you’re driving.”