Hauser Signs With East Carolina University

A dream turns to a reality as senior Savannah Hauser signs to East Carolina University


Jordyn Gerdes, Staff Reporter

Savannah Hauser has had a deep love for soccer since she was little. And now, she has accomplished her dream and is committed to East Carolina University.  

Hauser chose ECU for several reasons: she grew up going there, she went to football games, her mom went there, it’s close to home, they had what she wanted to major in and she liked the coaching styles.

Many athletes feel an overwhelming surge of emotions when they commit to a college. For Hauser, she felt relieved. 

“I still had to work hard, but it was good to know I was going where I wanted to.” 

Many athletes have struggled with regulations for recruitment during Covid-19, including a dead period last year. But Hauser committed to ECU before Covid-19, so this wasn’t an issue for her.  

As an added benefit to committing to ECU for athletics, Hauser avoided a period of time stressful for many seniors. 

“I didn’t apply to any, I committed before it was time to apply for colleges.”

Hauser  is excited to, “keep playing soccer and go to the school I grew up at.”  

Hauser’s coaches assisted her by “helping her with anything she needed.” 

Younger student athletes often look to their older peers for advice as they go through recruitment. 

Hauser has the following advice for younger players.  

“Put in the effort, and sometimes you’ll have to make decisions that aren’t the popular ones.”