Musicians Take The Field


Sydney Thomas, Senior Reporter

This school year most students are facing the challenge of getting back into the groove of what once was called “normal,” especially students involved in extracurriculars, such as band who may have little to no experience performing.

“There are definitely some learning gaps from COVID and missing a year of marching band. Almost the entire band is marching for the first time. We have selected music and drill formations that are more achievable for a less experienced group,” Band Director Brandon Martel said.

In addition to a lack of experience, there are fewer marching band members. Martel said the marching band comprised 60 members in 2019 but features 37 this year. 

Band camp is an annual ritual that prepares the musicians for performance season. This year’s camp ran for two weeks in July and August. 

We spend the whole day learning music and drill formations. We also had Ms. Rendina and Ms. Shastry join us for sessions of yoga and theatre games,” Martel said. “Band camp is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun and a great bonding experience.”

Although these students are facing the challenge of going from learning remotely to performing in front of their peers, they look forward to this year’s show.

“This year’s show is entitled Jazz Fusion. We are playing some classic latin-jazz and jazz-rock music: Afro Blue, The Girl from Ipanema, Sway, and Birdland,” Martel said