Seniors Offer Advice to the Junior Class

Meghan Keith, Staff Reporter

Junior year has a stigma that it is the hardest year of high school. As the school year begins many juniors are taking harder classes than ever before. Seniors, who have been through the “junior slump,” offer their advice on how to get through the year successfully.

Olivia Gonzalez believes junior year can be one of the most important. It is the year most students take many AP tests, the SAT and the ACT.

“I would say to really begin to look at colleges and begin to plan out your senior year. Take it seriously because senior year comes quickly,” Gonzalez said.

The workload that comes with junior year is immense according to Hunter Dayton.

“To be honest, don’t expect a single night without a lot of homework,” Dayton said.

Samantha Workowski understands the importance of taking care of yourself throughout the year.

“Doing your work is important, but also put mental health and sleep before school sometimes, because that’s just as important. Everyone’s worrying about themselves, so nobody cares what you look like,” Workowski said. “Also just have fun and enjoy your high school years and don’t stress too hard because high school goes by fast, and then you’re onto the real world.”

Olivia Massey feels that time management is essential when trying to stay organized and be successful.

“Stay on top of your work and keep a positive mindset and you’ll do fine,” Massey said.

Katie Dickerson believes that you need to be open minded.

“My advice would be to take advantage of every opportunity given to you. Make the best of every situation. Do your best on everything you complete, and success will come,” Dickerson said.

Juniors may get so wrapped up in school work that they never have time for anything other than school. While Sophie Padalecki believes time management and hard work are important, she also believes it’s important to enjoy the year.

Padalecki said, “I would advise the juniors to make sure they don’t stress about school to much and make sure to have fun with friends.”