Thespians deserve more student patrons, recognition

Kathleen Cochrane, News Reporter

The theatre program at our school does not have enough student support nor enough recognition when they achieve something noteworthy. Thespians perform two plays and one musical each year but don’t earn enough money because hardly any students come.

Theatre is just as important as sports and deserves the same student turn-out and respect. When we perform, the audience is mainly composed of the actors’ parents.

I believe a way to change this is by increasing advertising and awareness. The kids involved in the plays could give teachers flyers to put on the back of their doors. Also, if we were allowed to perform one daytime show during a production teachers could send students who wouldn’t have a way to get to a night show or wouldn’t usually go to see a play.

This would grow awareness of theatre and benefit the department and because it could give more students a chance to see the show and bring in more audience members which later brings in more money now that those students know what they’ve been missing.

Theater students also deserve more recognition.

The Odyssey of the Mind team went to states and won first place advancing them to worlds, and there was no announcement or recognition, other than a picture on the website. Everyone likes and deserves some recognition when they accomplish something because they put a lot of work into what they have done. Our top actors also go to the NCTC competition every year and win various awards for best actor and best technician, and no one ever hears about it or knows what NCTC is.