Assistant Principal Dwayne Cooke retires


Gus Holub, Co-Sports Editor

Assistant principal Dwayne Cooke plans to spend his retirement time with his family after nine and a half years on staff.

There was a send-off celebration for Cooke the day before winter break where teachers from each department spoke on his time at Wake Forest and honored his retirement.

“He helped a lot facility-wise; getting lights fixed in the classroom, and other things like that. He helped me with kids who had disciplinary problems, and also selected me for the honor of having smoker duty in the morning,” history teacher Brad Baker said.

Students, shocked to hear about the departing of Cooke, also shared their admiration for the principal.

“He’s so funny and very enthusiastic about his job,” senior Sarah Vernatter said, “He helped add excitement to the usual dull atmosphere of our hallways.”

“I will miss the fact that every time I saw him he would always make some random joke that would make me laugh,” senior Nathan Siharath said, “I can think of more memories relating to Mr. Cooke than any other principal at our school.”

Cooke could be seen on a day to day basis around the hallways of Wake Forest doing whatever necessary to keep things running smoothly.

“His presence in the halls and on the announcements during fire drills will be missed,” Baker said

Cooke has been at Wake Forest for many moments such as the school getting remodeled, or the football team reaching two back-to-back state championship games. His most favorable memories however relate to things on a smaller scale.

“Some of my most memorable times have been working directly with teachers, and being able to see them grow professionally and become better teachers, and therefore have more influence over students. I take a little bit away when I see that. It kind of makes my heart grow.”

Cooke stayed true to his personality with a comical response to a question asking what he will miss most about his position as assistant principal.

“Lunch Duty… Just kidding. I think I will just miss the environment most of all,” Cooke said.

Cooke says he will be able to “relax” in the new year, spending time in Washington DC and New York with his family.

A few words of wisdom were left for current and future students at Wake Forest. Cooke said, “Try to remember that your future is what you make it. Your reputation is what supports your future.”