Students lack their say in school

Isabel Jones

I find it sad that students have such little say in their schools. These are our years.  We are the student body. We represent our school, so we should have a say in what we want to happen to us during our time here.
The time we spend in high school goes by so quickly. I would like to enjoy all my time spent with the school.  Students need more say in the events organized for us. After all, event planners should want to please their audience.
Recently, it seems like we have had one bit of unpleasant news after another. First, it was announced that powder puff had a cap of 30 girls per team. That’s only 12 percent of the senior girls. Powder puff is supposed to be a fun event where everyone who wants to participate can participate if in good disciplinary standing.
I have not been allowed to play my past three years because several fall athletes were prohibited by their coaches to play, and now I’m allowed to play, but I can’t because of the cap. Senior year typically allows for the most fun opportunities, where we get the benefits and exceptions because we are the top class, so keep the cap on under classmen and let the seniors just enjoy their senior year.
Second, it was said that we will have yet another Friday night homecoming dance after the football game, and that the dance would be informal. A vast majority wanted the homecoming dance on Saturday, which would allow it to be a formal event where students would be able to dress up, take pictures, go to dinner and feel like the money they spent was well worth it.

Although, the dance is informal, students on homecoming court still have to purchase formal attire to walk across the field. If the dance is informal why is the homecoming court dressing formal?

Those who want the Friday dance would probably argue that that’s tradition. But so is a Saturday night formal dance.
We don’t have to rent the gym and can host dances when we want, so why can’t the students vote on when to hold the dance? This year SGA struggled to sell enough tickets. Maybe, the fact that the dance is held on Friday is the reason.
Moreover, many students were up at 4:30 a.m. to help with the WNCN television broadcast. Having that event, the game, and the dance all in one day is a bit much.
Last, originally prom was on a Friday, but now it has been moved to a Saturday. As good as the move is, it was not moved due for the concern of the students but instead moved because of the vendor.
I think that we should have our opinions heard and taken into consideration. Although we will not get everything we want, many of this year’s changes were easily avoidable. Planners should allow for a little more of a compromise.