Jacks or Jays

Tyler Murray

There are three types of people: Jordans, Jack Rodgers, and people who couldn’t care less.
For a long time, females owned the shoe category, no contest. Nowadays, as the rise of the retro Jordan era is being introduced, guys tend to fill their closets at a much faster rate as they create a much stronger shoe game.
It seems that lately guys have more of a shoe fetish than girls.
You can ask anybody wearing a single pair of Jordans, and they will be able to differentiate all Jordans numbered one through at least 14 without any struggle.
Although girls still have a couple pairs of shoes, lately they’re tending to have just one or two pairs for each occasion, and they wear them to the ground. They still have big name-brand shoes like Jack Rodgers and the obvious Ugg obsession, but not to the same degree of the Jays.
Instead of just having multiple Jack Rodger colorways or a handful of Ugg styles, Jordans have several colorways for all 28 shoes!
This makes the race to “collect them all” more challenging. Jordans are on a completely different level than Jack Rogers in terms of being collectors items. I know people that have Jordans just hung up on their wall that they have never even worn, with hopes of them appreciating to be sold for double retail in the future.
The shoe craze hit me hard this year. I have already owned Jordan ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, 11s, and 12s, and those are just my jays. I have more pairs of shoes than most people I know, even my sisters.
My youngest sister has the Jack Roger obsession, owning them in five different colors. She is controlling the fetish on the female side of the stereotype, and it’s safe to say that she is a typical white girl.
I’m torn between the style of the prep and the baller. With my whole collection of Jordans, I think it’s safe to say which one I prefer.
It’s not just the name and the 23 that’s branded on my shoes that makes me and a lot of other basketball players want to own the exclusive retros. It is a kind of status icon and also a matter of style.
There is a pair for every occasion and for every outfit you could ever wear, along with being some of the most comfortable basketball shoes ever made.
As my collection thickens I intend to accomplish the ultimate achievement for shoe collectors: having a clock on my wall with all Jordans one through 12, put on their corresponding time.
I’ll be able to tell time whenever I cast an admiring glance at my Jays.
I am even going to put a working mechanism for the clock hands so it will be a fully functional Jordan shoe clock.
I have and always will be obsessed with shoes. It’s always fun to get a new pair and bring more style to my day. When I look good, I feel good and in terms of basketball, I play well. I love looking at all the different styles and colorways for all the iconic shoes.
There are more options for guys in the past couple of years than ever before.
This makes the challenge to flip the stereotype and surpass the women in the shoe category far more plausible.
I know I’m doing my part.