Graduation rate mixed for WF subgroups

Elizabeth Black , Reporter

There has been a recent rise in the WCPSS graduation rate. The county graduated 82.2 percent of students in four years, an increase of over 2 percent from 2013.

Wake Forest’s four-year rate is 85.2 percent, down a percentage point.

“Our school’s graduation rate is higher than the statistics rate, and in order to maintain this we must get better. Our subgroup requirements must be met,” Principal Patti Hamler said.

Some subgroups saw increases.

African-American, economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities subgroups all increased, while the males subgroup as a whole decreased by -0.1%, the limited English proficient by -36.3% and Hispanics by -5.1%.

“The Limited English Proficiency group usually makes it in five years as opposed to four,” Hamler said.
The 2014 five year rate grew 1.1% in comparison to 2013.

Students can help teachers and counselors improve the rate. Counselor David Ruggiero said, “The biggest thing is asking for help when it’s needed, speaking up is the only way to be an advocate for oneself.”