Students participate in tiny art project

First place went to junior Ari Harrington.

Kathleen Cook , Editor in chief

Art does not have to be on a large canvas to stir the emotions or be pleasing to the eye.

This fact was explored by artists who participated in the “Tiny Art” contest in January. The contest was open to students enrolled in art classes or members of the art club.

Over 100 students submitted two-inch cubes of either 3D or 2D compositions. Of those submissions 30 were judged. Faculty members were invited to judge the 30 entries.

Art teacher Beth Huffman said the contest, “reinforced the importance of doing your very best” and provided an opportunity for students to be judged critically for their work.

Huffman said the idea originated with another teacher from Art Teacher Ted Gasper’s previous school and that Wake Forest adopted the idea to give students a chance to showcase their work.

First place went to junior Ari Harrington. Second place was awarded to senior Allie Rannels, while junior Jarrett Gunter took third place.