Some Gifts Treasured Long After The Holiday Fades

We asked students to name a past holiday gift that stood out among the others and why


Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Our school represents a diverse group of different traditions and cultures. It should be no surprise that a big part of the holiday spirit comes from gift-giving.

Several people shared a memorable gift that brings back happy memories. 

“One time my grandma gave me 20 bucks. She doesn’t give out money; that’s not her. I was very happy about that,” senior Stefon Johnson said. “Grandma don’t give out no money like that. That meant I was important. She loves me.”

Socks are typical and infamous in their own right. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy for them.

“I got some socks; they were pretty fire. I got them from my mom. I needed some socks, and I’m wearing them right now,” junior Nicholas Garcia said.

Toys play a big part in Christmas for younger children, and almost everyone has some memory of a toy they received as a child.

“In 2011, for Christmas, I got this power wheels car. It was super huge, like a truck. I was super surprised and wondered why I got it. Although they’re pretty small, so I only fit in it for five years. My dad gave it to me,” senior Vince Holmes said.

Gifts can be experiences, and vice versa. These experiences can come to stand out the most.

“Me and my dad. We’re planning a shark-fishing trip for my birthday. He’s covering half of the cost as a gift. I was really surprised about that,” senior William DiPillo said. “It stood out because I didn’t expect to get much. He came out of the blue and told me he’d match it. It made me really happy.”

People say friendship is a gift in itself, and it’s hard to disagree. 

“My friends and I built this cool mask out of wood over the holiday season, and I got to keep it. I hung it up in my room,” senior Matteo Lopez said. “I guess since we all worked on it, it shows our friendship. Every single time they see it, they remember how much fun we had building that thing together.”

Friendship is a great gift, but a step up is a best friend for life. 

“I would say the most surprising holiday gift I’ve received would be my dog because I wasn’t really expecting to get him cause my parents tricked me and said we were going to a furniture store instead,” sophomore Addison Taylor said.

Family often plays a big part in the sentimental value of a gift.

“My Grandma bought me a snow globe with mountains in it because all my extended family lives out west, and I don’t see them very often, and I missed them. Yes, I still have it,” sophomore Emma Reynolds said.

Artists tend to have a gift, but more in a figurative sense. Still, one student received quite the art package.

“I remember getting a 64-pack of crayons. It was special because it had colors I’ve never even heard of,” junior Ethan McMican said.

Warm, cozy, and as fluffy as snow; came a great welcoming gift.

“I think my favorite holiday gift that surprised me the most was getting a unicorn pillow pet for Christmas that matched with my friends. It’s really significant to me because we both still have ours, and it was my first stuffed animal here in the U.S.,” senior Sammi Woloszyn said.

Stronger than friendship and one of the greatest gifts you can undertake.

“My engagement ring surprised me the most,” teacher Sarah Freeman said. “It was significant because getting married changed my life.”