Local Businesses Take The Spotlight

Students show appreciation for their favorite small businesses


The vintage style is in, and if you’re searching for a captivating and soulful experience, Wake Forest is the place to be. 

Wake Forest can bring a strong feeling of nostalgia. The town is complemented by worn-down brick buildings, historical sights, and even a railroad. Yet, one of its most remarkable qualities is its abundance of local businesses that high schoolers can’t ignore. 

From burgers to clothing, students appreciate the one-of-a-kind companies resting on each street. 

There’s nothing better than a local joint that’s been running for over a hundred years.

“Shorty’s has been around the longest, and it’s the staple of Wake Forest,” senior Sailor Barrington said. 

A successful business, Shorty’s is now considered one of Wake Forest’s landmarks.

 “It’s been around for a while. It offers decent food and a great place to hang out with friends,” 

 senior Ryan Linstruth said.

If classic diner food isn’t your forte, maybe watching the game at a sports bar is. 

“My favorite local business in Wake Forest is Rudino’s because I love the environment,” junior Zoe Knuth said. “I also work there and always enjoy the people, food, and atmosphere.”  

However, Americanized food isn’t where Wake Forest stops. 

 “Leli’s Italian Bakery,” senior Vince Holmes said. “It has really good service and food.”

Then there’s the familiar American favorite: pizza. 

“There’s this pizza place called George’s Pizzeria in downtown Wake Forest,” junior Carson Myers said. “I like it because it’s really good.”

If a warm beverage and pastry are what you crave, try our local coffee company instead. 

“The Wake Forest Coffee Company: It’s such a great and quiet place to study and get my work done,” senior Mari Zellmer said.

If you’re not there for coffee, maybe their overall environment will suffice. 

“I like the coffee shop in downtown Wake Forest,” senior Sydney Harmon said. “I like going there after school sometimes. it’s a really nice place to study, and they have a lot of pretty art on the walls.”

Strolling through the streets of downtown, with a coffee in hand, might strike a creative spark. Perhaps, inspiration for a new school outfit. 

 “My favorite small business is Lily Mae’s. I love the clothes and the friendly environment inside,” senior Kendall Keith said.