The Class of 2022 Offers Advice On Post-High School Life


As last year’s graduates move on past high school, they experience many changes in their lives. No matter what their plans are post high school, there is always a lesson to be learned. The 2021-22 seniors share what lessons they have learned past graduating from high school.

As some students move on to further their education at college, they are realizing some major differences from their time in high school. 

“After leaving high school I decided on a college far from home,” Tate Bacon said. “The hardest thing to adjust to is not having that family support system everyday.”

Nick Hottell reflects a similar sentiment. 

“I miss being physically there with my family, so I cherish the moments I do get to see them a lot more than I did in high school.”  

Other graduates struggle to adjust to the increased workload and busy schedules that they keep up with in college.

“The hardest thing to adjust to post high school is trying to have really good time management, so I get things done every day and am always being productive,” Josh Rutland said. “There are a lot of things to think about throughout the day, but it has definitely been an adjustment from high school.”

Some graduates also offer advice to students who are still in high school.  

“I wish that I knew how important it was to be involved in sports in high school,” Ashleigh Scheuerle said. “High school is the last time that you have a chance to be in a sport and on a team unless you go pro, so take advantage of this.”

One graduate suggests that students should not take their current support for granted. 

“In high school, you were constantly reminded of deadlines, and all of the classes used a common platform that would remind you of assignments,” Roman Ortiz said. “Now, post graduation, It’s more difficult to properly manage these deadlines.”

Some students have faced challenges with moving away from home.

“The hardest thing to adjust to is having to fully take care of myself,” Cole Bradley said. “I didn’t realize how much I relied on my family for certain things, and now I have to handle those things myself.”

In contrast, some graduates found themselves enjoying this added responsibility. 

“The most rewarding thing since moving out has definitely been the experience and responsibility of living on my own,” Sydney Thomas said. “Paying bills and holding myself accountable has taught me a lot in just a month.”

Another graduate, Kaylyn Brittain, shares the same views.

“The most rewarding thing is feeling like I am actually growing up and knowing I have actual responsibilities like paying rent and making sure I turn in my work on time,” Brittain said.

Similarly, graduates enjoy being able to pave their way towards a life they want.

“College is awesome because I’m getting to learn exactly what I want,” Jacob Schwier said. “The schedule I have is something I craft myself with the only guidelines being what I have to take and the minimum and maximum credit hours you can sign up for per semester.”

Outside of class schedules, college provides students the freedom to do what they want when they want to do it.

“My favorite thing about life post high school is the ability to do things spontaneously. Given the time and money, you can do pretty much whatever you like,” Hottell said. 

Being able to expand your horizons and do what you please after high school introduces you to new people.

“I’ve also met a lot of really interesting people from extremely different backgrounds from me,” Hottell said. “Being taught some Vietnamese words and games by a group of Vietnamese friends I’ve made along the way definitely stands out in my experiences so far.”

Of course, some graduates decided not to pursue further education in a college, and they hope that the pressure current students feel to go to college does not impact their decisions.

“College is optional and there are other paths in life,” Jerrin Smallwood said. “I wish I knew this because it made me feel less trapped in what my future was.”

As graduates begin their journey into adulthood, they share one important piece of wisdom for high school students: be yourself. 

“I realized post high school to just be yourself and don’t necessarily follow what your friends do,” Nathan Cochran said. “You will be respected for it in the long run and it is important to make decisions that are for yourself instead of pleasing others.”