Students Reminisce On Thanksgiving Traditions

With the start of the holiday season, new memories are made


A lot of people’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, but the one thing that makes Thanksgiving special is the traditions.

“I usually hang out with my family, eat dinner and watch the football games,” senior Jimmy Lovelace said.

To most people Thanksgiving is eating a lot, but for some teens the holiday is about the camaraderie.

“I like Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family and host some of my favorite people,” senior Kayla Dautel said.

Every Thanksgiving isn’t complete without the Thanksgiving meal. Most Thanksgiving meals consist of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and…football.

“We all just watch football and hang out with the family,” sophomore James Abinajm said.

Even though Thanksgiving is a popular holiday, it isn’t for everyone.

“I don’t like Thanksgiving because my family makes dinner at 3 in the afternoon. Then they go to bed and everything is closed, so I can’t do anything,” senior Kaleb Enright said.

Everyone’s Thanksgiving traditions look different. Some people watch football, have a big family meal, spend time with their family, play different games, watch parades and cook. As you can see, everyone has a different Thanksgiving.

“I love seeing family members that I rarely see. It creates a nice sense that we are all loved and that there are people in the world that love you,” senior Gabriel Del-Bosque said.