Panic Point Is Missing The Panic

Repeated visits have diminished the thrill for many thrill seekers


Louis Cook, Senior Reporter

Imagine running away from a chainsaw wielding maniac deep in the woods only to feel bored. That’s how some students are feeling after seasons of going to Panic Point. The local thriller attraction has been bringing adrenaline to people for years, but recently some feel that the thrill has been dulled. 

“I am not going to go this year, to be honest, just because I’ve been a bunch of times. Once you know what to expect, it’s not as fun and scary as the first time,” senior Nora Schell said.

Another aspect of the attraction that has pushed some thrill seekers away is the cost of a scare that you’ve already experienced. Guests just don’t want to pay upwards of $30 for a jump-scare that’s not as scary as it used to be.

“I have been to Panic Point twice. I would rate it three out of five, because while it can be fun, it’s honestly overrated and overpriced,” senior Shelley Roper said.

Despite the occasional update to specific attractions, guests aren’t feeling the fright that they once did at Panic Point. Even with its five attractions and recently rebuilt Carny Crypt, it’s not able to produce the fear it did on the first visit.

“I have been to Panic Point. I thought it was just okay because I’ve been so many times that it is getting old,” junior Austin Schaller said. 

Even though many students have felt that the scares have run out, some still continue to go each year. It may not be the same terrifying experience each visit, but it’s still a fun way to hangout and get into the Halloween spirit.

“I’d probably rate it an eight out of ten, It’s a fun thing to do with friends,” freshman Sam Gardiner said.