Get Off My Lawn!

Teens ponder when they are too old for Trick or Treating


Jennifer Fetsch, Senior Reporter

As we enter into the Halloween season, costume and trick or treating ideas are on many students’ minds. But how old is too old to trick or treat? For many students this is a divided topic as many think once you reach 17 or 18, it’s time to hang up the cape.

“Once you’re 17 you gotta face the reality of not being a weird little kid anymore and quit trick or treating,” sophomore Sam Gardiner says.

On the other hand, many students believe you are never too old to enjoy Halloween and dress up. 

“Never. It’s a holiday. Everyone should experience it,” senior Julian Sierra said. 

While many agree that once you hit high school you should stop trick or treating, there are a handful that say it’s okay to wait until you’re well into your adult years to miss out. 

Sophomore Brett Roden is among them.

“I think when you’re 30 you’re too old for trick or treating,” Roden said.

Freshman Ava Boy would extend the fun even farther.  

“I would say like 40,” Boy said.

As high school students, we have freedom to go to other places and events to celebrate Halloween and be more independent, which can cause problems when visiting homes. 

“Some people don’t want older kids at their houses asking for candy,” senior Amori Thomas said. 

Despite the belief from many that students should stop trick or treating once they hit their teenage years, many students say they are planning to participate in wearing costumes. 

“Fred from Scooby Doo,” senior Drew Casey said. 

Sophomore Brian Guzman says he has plans to go trick or treating and dress up as Ghost-face from Scream. Both sophomore Brett Roden and junior Austin Schaller say they want to dress up as Batman, cue Spiderman meme. The superhero theme continues with sophomore Elizabeth Emery who says she’s going as Wanda Maximoff. 

While many students expressed that they would be doing individual costumes this Halloween, numerous students said they would dress up in group costumes and go with friends. 

“I’m not sure what I would be, but my friends and I always do a fun group costume,” junior Brianna Farrell said. 

“My costume plan is the Teen Titans with my friends,” senior Mari Zellmer said. 

As far as the age-old debate is concerned, students remain divided on how old is too old to trick or treat, but it all depends on the person. 

“I don’t think you are ever too old. I think it’s just how you go about trick or treating. Like me, I think that trick or treating isn’t very fun, but I know people that love it, and I don’t think there is any special age you have to stop trick or treating,” freshman Maddie Siska said.