Summer’s End Yields Different Reactions

The transition from summer fun to school’s demands can be a struggle


Maya Gardiner and Ryan Smallwood

Summer break is the highlight of many people’s school year, yet all good things must eventually come to an end. As students near the end of their summer they begin to worry about school. For some people it’s a harder transition than others.

Even though starting school is always a bit rocky, it can be a good thing. 

“Coming back to school has been a much bigger transition because I came from Knightdale but I like being here, I think it’s a nice change,” Senior Amorie Thomas said.

Adjusting from the freedom of summer to the strict schedule of school can make it hard to manage one’s time wisely. 

“It kinda sucks, but I’m doing pretty well because my work ethic is high right now,” senior Carter Frank said. 

Everyone goes through school with different struggles and challenges, and many students don’t have a positive outlook on school. 

“It’s not fun,” sophomore Damani Taylor-Smith said, “not good to be here.  It’s like the same thing over again,”

Some students are just looking forward to being done, especially seniors, being that it is their last year. 

“I’m just glad that this is it and it’s the last year I have to be here,” senior Judaya Wilkins said.