Bachinsky’s Windows Come Alive

Media specialists decorations brighten the hallways and entice students to enter the media center


Laian Shaker, Reporter

From red and pink hearts, to screaming ghosts, the library is always decorated for the occasion. For the past five years, Laura Bachinsky was the woman behind the window. 

You’ve walked through the hallways, and you most likely walk past the library everyday. There’s no way you haven’t noticed the lively windows, each covered in colors, streamers, pictures, drawings and more just for personal enjoyment. You might not realize how ‘dull’ that hallway would look without it. 

Bachinsky’s work is inspired by the different seasons, and like everyone, she has a preference. 

“I like doing things with peeps during the spring time. I think the fun one that I enjoy this month is because every Monday we have an activity for kids during lunchtime or after school,” Backinsky said. 

Bachinksky usually faces the decorating on her own, sometimes bringing in the help of students and co-workers. She usually finds herself creating the decorations at home and bringing them to school. With this one-woman job, you can’t help but wonder about the effort she puts forward. 

“I do buy stuff for that. I have to balance that with what’s a reasonable amount to contribute, but I do purchase things,” Bachinsky said. “There’s a lot of cutting. I would say there’s a lot of cutting with scissors and exacto blades and a lot of tape.”

Over the course of these creative debuts, Bachinsky admires some more than the others. 

“I have one that I really like that has a silver earth that covers all 18 feet of windows, and it has little airplanes that pull a little message that says love makes the world go round and a lot of hearts that go up. That’s one of my favorites,” Bachinsky said. 

With her countless ideas, there just so happens to be one she hasn’t gotten to. 

“I save a million pictures of an under the sea scene, and you can make it with pool noodles and coffee filters and all kinds of really elaborate coral, so that’s one I still keep in my mind.” Bachinsky said. “So it would be like looking in on us and being in a fish tank but a cool one. That is one I haven’t but I want to. 

Where could one find the creativity to decorate the same canvas for five years?

“I do look at what other schools do and also Anthropologie. I look at Anthropologie window displays a lot for ideas so some of my more elaborate ones come from that. Otherwise, I just try to be responsive to the season and what might engage our kids to feel special.”