Your Voice: Top 12 SuperBowl Commercials

Your Voice: Top 12 SuperBowl Commercials

Morgan Smith, Reporter

While the Superbowl is about the biggest football game of the year, the funny and entertaining commercials in between are, some would say, a really important and enjoyable part of this event. In light of the 2022 Super Bowl, our staff decided to interview students on their favorite Super Bowl commercials from this year.

Brooklyn Zambenedetti, 11

“My favorite commercial was the Crypto commercial because it just had a barcode and that was cool.”

KR Murphy, 9

“Mine was definitely the Lizzo Google one because it was the only one my family actually really laughed at.”

Abel Garcia, 10

“There was a commercial where there were two kids playing video games and the football characters came out of the T.V. They messed up the whole house.”

Philip Power, 1o

“There was this one dog commercial: it was like a robotic dog and it jumped off the building and the battery died. It was some kind of car ad.”

Abby Brooks, 12

“I would probably have to say the bowling one because of all of the retired athletes. I know Serena Williams was in it, and Cam Newton was in it, too, I believe. ” (Michelob Ultra commercial)

Brooks Lee, 12

“The Lowes Food WRAL commercial, and it was my favorite because I thought it was funny when they were buying bread for the snow storm.”

Manav Bhalla, 10

“I think my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the moon night commercial for Disney Plus. I just like the moon night and it was a good commercial.”

Max Westfall, 11

“Not one stood out to me particularly, but I thought they were all pretty good and funny. I thought the Jurassic Park one was pretty cool. For the new movie.”

Tanner Germann, 11

“I’d say my favorite commercial had to be the Toyota one when he pulled out in the Toyota and dropped the dunes.”

Fisher Canaday, 11

“I didn’t really watch many commercials but like, there was this one where all of the football players came out of the T.V and started destroying the house.”