Your Voice: What Students Are Hopeful For In 2022


Siena McGarrigle, Co-Editor in Chief

As we enter 2022, new beginnings and fresh opportunities are on the horizon. Students look towards the future and what they are most hopeful for in the new year.

Morgan Wachtstetter, 11

“I’m hopeful that the Lakers get better in the 2022 season.”

Hunter Sill, 11

“I’m hopeful for that I’ll be able to get out more and go to new places since I now have a car.”

Emma Milligan, 10

“To get good grades and become a better singer.”

Aiden Hayes, 12

“I am hopeful that we will be able to have our prom and graduation and all of our seniors activities in the most normal way possible, provided that they are safe. I feel bad for the previous seniors who did not get to have their full experience, and maybe it’s selfish of me to want that for myself, but I would like to have the senior experience. So I’m hopeful for that in 2022.”

Maggie Gambone, 12

“I’m hopeful about college. I committed to North Dakota.”

Nia Diez-Canseco, 11

“I hope to pass my junior year and travel more- to the Caribbean and maybe to Europe.”

Ethan Thomas, 12

“I expect big things in 2022. I am really looking forward to the golf season this year. I think we have a really good chance to run it. I got some guys coming back, but overall it’s an easy semester for me. I’m ready to graduate. I’m looking forward to it.”

Kyle Leary, 11

“I am hopeful to make $10,000 dollars in 2022.”

Sydney Harmon, 11

“I am hopeful to get all A’s, make new friends, to not get Covid, and for it to get warm soon.”

Lorenzo Morelli, 11

“I’m excited for to go back home to my family in Italy.”

Maddie Westfall, 9

“I’m hopeful for to be more successful with grades, stay more organized and get my work turned in on time.”

Sam McClure, 12

“I’m hopeful to get big in the gym.”